Monday, 27 February 2017

Blender 3D - Interior Design (experimental renderings) #005

This is simple, comfort, contemporary interior, designed to keep open space, and movable or portable, so to speak, elements, with no expensive wall fixed atachments, like beds, tables, or cabinets, exept kitchen, off course... Even cabinet doors are required to be without details or handles.

In overall impression, space must be light, not to many color variations, and have comfort.

Renderings are at experimental stage, with less than hour, no less than 40 min., rendering time.
- rendered in cycles (Blender)
- 1000 samples
- 40 to 60 min.
- 1920x1080 px

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Blender 3D - Interior Design (experimental renderings) #003

    I'll start with a couple of experimental renderings, sience i hadn't done anything for a 3 years period. A lot of free time for a designer, i think...
    Nothing much for now, it is small house, two floors, some space and a decent light coming inside. I don't have too much interest in styles, when decorating comes into question, but i do like to see, and to be in one, interior space, which is "up to date", so to speak. By that i mean not too minimalistic, or not too overwhelmed, but simple, modern and that can satisfied our common needs, as our modern time requires.
    Idea is to find the best and fatest solution for a final render. Short rendering time and good quality. 
Technical stuff for renderings below are:
- 500 samples
- 3840 x 2160 px
- time: aorund 90 min...
- and node setup, to reduce noise...
    Now my trick in making noiseless image, is more than simple. 500 pixels is enough information for one render, to be able to determine what is in the render. Important thing to know about this solution, is that rendering in smaller resolution doesn't work as well as it is done with a higher image resolution. In my case it is 3840x2160px.
    In future posts and articles i'll provide more examples with a different interior situations...

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