"Defender" - 3D Character design (Blender3D)

Lady "Defender" will be the last area that i wanted to work on, so i could close my first circle of interest. Which means that i had worked on interior, exterior, industrial design for variable products, animation, vfx stuff, design in genreal and so on. The last thing i wanted to put my hands on is game industry stuff, and i decided to strat with character design.
I started straight foward with no sketches, or drawings, except online examples i had for reference.
There are couple more details, motifs, elements on this character, some are from medieval serbian history, Lazarević dynasty Coat of arms, to be precise, and some are my own, like medallion on the neck.
This is just one character for start, i pretty much didn't do any character as this one is untill now, exept four models which are really low poly models in Project "Loading".
As i have no more areas to learn about, for now, the only thing i'll do in following period are improvements in the areas i mention above.
The whole model is done in Blender3D and Gimp  for some texture details.

So, enjoy! Like it! Love it! Share it! :)

My work will be available on CgHub.com in future, as well! :)

Project "Loading" - online and public!!

And finaly project is online and public.

This is, so to speak, first project in the line that i had been working on. More information about this project, stuff like breakdowns, will be available soon.
Few words for now, more i'll add, and overall ENJOY!!  :)

About project:
Project "Loading" is a hard core music video, for the song "Odmor" ("Rest"), composed by the band "Loading", visuals are entirely made by Igor Djordjevic, with band members assistance, throughout concept or technical assistance.

- - -

softwares used in project:
Blender 3D - visual editing
Audacity, Rosegardenm Qtractor - sound editing
Inkscape - image editing
Gimp - image editing

- - -

Members of the band "Loading":

Vladimir Milosavljevic
Vladimir Stankovic
bass guitar:
Miroslav Zivkovic
Dragan Stojkovic
- - -
Igor Djordjevic

- - -


//Serbian version//
"Treba mi odmor
od zlih jezika
teska je tona
licemernih pohvala
sve dijabole
za pesnicu mole
dok hvale se da
su bolji od svega

ti nisi ja
treba mi san
gradim carstvo bez odmora
dok ti rusis ga"

//English verison//
***will be added soon***

- - -

band facebook profile:


my profile:

Brakedown i've mentioned, i working on it, there is only segment i've uploaded form August:

Project "Loading" - teaser/trailer II

Proud to announce that project is finally finished. Date of public releasing on the internet is 14.12.2013.

This is the final trailer i made, before the whole project is released.

One thing i could say, considering blender users, i could offer some insights how specific things are made, beside brakedown, some tutorials i already have in plan.
If you find anything interesting to see how was it made, after project is published, you can add some comment in here, or when project is finished, at the link below > blenderartists forum:

Stay tuned!

One hard rocking Blender 3D coming up! :) - Project “Loading” _final stages

It has been quite interesting within past eight months (three planned), maybe little longer. Learned quite a mountain of knowledge about animating, compositing, video processing, concept, modeling, rigs and whole bunch of tips & tricks throughout the entire process. I'm satisfied, needless to say. Now, as far as it goes for this particular project,  first aim was to create working model, which is going to be a kind of a model like if there were only one artist to work over the whole project. This would be the one of the reasons why it took me so long to work on this first, bigger, personal as well project. Putting the whole model in right order, to say it in other words. Other reasons are mostly technical, huge pain in some situations.

So here it comes, few rendered scenes, a bit of introduction.

Hallway breakdown/reel - segment only:

This is a hallway breakdown, entire breakdown/reel from the project will come really soon. Even this is really simplified scene, I wanted richer environment, so i relied on compositing process, and for such a intent, I had to break the scene on many layers, for me to have freedom and manipulation required. It turns out it's quite simple process, yet opens up vast possibilities, I could dig in a lot further but it might take forever to animate.

One of the major step, within compositing process, was to actually colorize AO, so it helped me to kill cold fill of the original black and white AO.

One trick that i used to replace mist effect, which is achievable with camera, is to use Z pass through compositing. It gives a lot more manipulation than camera. Mist created with camera add transparensy to all layers, but in that situation, i no longer have 100% diffuse color, sometimes it just can't give result i want, so this comes as alternative i think.

Another feature i like is ability to separate halo through all layers, with Z pass gathering all information about object intersections, than i have correct halo pass to use. Gives a lot advantage.

Video contains three different enviroments, one environment is shared, while other two, which are shown here, are made with the similar compositing technic. I needed low lightened, intense and abandoned environments. And overall, i had to keep the whole thing quite simple. While the first one is created in a small space, second one had to be wide, vast space, huge indoor. Third one, is shown as underground environment. I probably won't talk about the story that lies behind the curtain, but i'll do my best to share some technics and tips i had the pleasure to work with.

There will be a lot of material for shareing after project is finished, so stay tuned!! :)


Project "Loading" teaser - I (update)

One more time project "Loading" teaser - I
Teaser/trailer will be out in a couple of days. A lot of work, some changes, a lot of fun and more project material coming out, soon :)

Project "Loading" - Drums Environment

Drums scene environment is the most complicated one, as far the animations goes. There are pretty much plenty of details i had to think of when animating this drums. As a way to solve this kind of an issue, i had to create rigs. Takes forever when i do testing, on the other hand it's fun.
And just to say this now, every scene, that i am working on, i'll make video presentation in time, where i'm going to talk about specifics and troubles i'm having during this project.

Project "Loading" - Second Guitar Environment

Similar story as previous post is. But here, point of interest is hallway. Every environment, have specific story, but similar mood that those scenes are having is covered through the whole animation. Scenes may not be detailed as they supposed to be in the first place, as the main focus will be camera movement, which is actual intention, but, the whole part of visuals rely on post processing. A lot of fun, i must say.

Project "Loading" - Bass Guitar Environment

Been thinking for a while about environments and what kind of aproach shall i take. Knowing the interest of the band members, concpet wasn't too much of a problem. The other aproach was to think of the lyrics as the main guide. So, having that in mind i did take a look around for some refrence stuff, to see if i can create something suitable. The main refrence i had found was the Michigan Central Station. At the following site you can see how does it look, if you never had been there, or saw it.
Taking everything in consideration, it kinda was choice to go with.


Following W.I.P. images showing the scene where the bassist is going to appear:

It's still work in progress, but pretty much showing the actual intention.

Project "Loading" - W.I.P. _ Instruments

Project is way ahead, but i'll try to keep an order, and post step by step the whole progress. Following screens are some instruments, which are going to be used in video. Here are shown as simple models, as they were on the begining, but now, instruments have rigs, the thing that i'll talk about in the future.

Yamaha_trb_1005 - Mirioslav Zivkovic

Yamaha_rgx_121_fp - Vladimir Milosavljevic

Gibson_sg_standard_heritage_cherry - Dragan Stojkovic