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Plan is a bit of a problem, when it has to be interrupted every time by some non-related issues of "greater" importance.
Anyhow, for this model, now a bit older, a did some refreshment, i made it a little livelier, at Sketchfab. If time doesn't trick me up, again, i might be willing to upload more 3D models, as i am in the mood to do so, from my 3D gallery, to make them public, as almost non of them are. They might be useful to someone to be inspired by them.



Bauk (Баук) - AF1 _ Concept:


"Defender" - 3D Character design (Blender3D)

Lady "Defender" will be the last area that i wanted to work on, so i could close my first circle of interest. Which means that i had worked on interior, exterior, industrial design for variable products, animation, vfx stuff, design in genreal and so on. The last thing i wanted to put my hands on is game industry stuff, and i decided to strat with character design.
I started straight foward with no sketches, or drawings, except online examples i had for reference.
There are couple more details, motifs, elements on this character, some are from medieval serbian history, Lazarević dynasty Coat of arms, to be precise, and some are my own, like medallion on the neck.
This is just one character for start, i pretty much didn't do any character as this one is untill now, exept four models which are really low poly models in Project "Loading".
As i have no more areas to learn about, for now, the only thing i'll do in following period are improvements in the areas i mention above.
The whole model is done in Blender3D and Gimp  for some texture details.

So, enjoy! Like it! Love it! Share it! :)

My work will be available on in future, as well! :)

Project "Loading" - online and public!!

And finaly project is online and public.

This is, so to speak, first project in the line that i had been working on. More information about this project, stuff like breakdowns, will be available soon.
Few words for now, more i'll add, and overall ENJOY!!  :)

About project:
Project "Loading" is a hard core music video, for the song "Odmor" ("Rest"), composed by the band "Loading", visuals are entirely made by Igor Djordjevic, with band members assistance, throughout concept or technical assistance.

- - -

softwares used in project:
Blender 3D - visual editing
Audacity, Rosegardenm Qtractor - sound editing
Inkscape - image editing
Gimp - image editing

- - -

Members of the band "Loading":

Vladimir Milosavljevic
Vladimir Stankovic
bass guitar:
Miroslav Zivkovic
Dragan Stojkovic
- - -
Igor Djordjevic

- - -


//Serbian version//
"Treba mi odmor
od zlih jezika
teska je tona
licemernih pohvala
sve dijabole
za pesnicu mole
dok hvale se da
su bolji od svega

ti nisi ja
treba mi san
gradim carstvo bez odmora
dok ti rusis ga"

//English verison//
***will be added soon***

- - -

band facebook profile:


my profile:

Brakedown i've mentioned, i working on it, there is only segment i've uploaded form August: