Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Freecad tutorial - part 01_08 - Getting started | Assembly #001

Assembly tutorials are covered in more than one video, so, the rest of the tutorials will be uploaded in days to come...

Tool covered in this part is "Move", and next will be "Rotate", because of their simplicity i named them as first method.
Then, in Edit menu, Placement and Alignment as second method,
and Assembly2 workbench, as third method

Step by step i'll cover most of the things which are important for assembly to work. I'll use pottery wheel parts, modeled in previous video tutorials. Just for a starting point those parts are enough simple to use and cover most of basic (and more) tools and features, as well as some concepts in a workflow.
For example, at this point, there are more ways to assemble some model. And to know one way, or method, it may cost a lot of time, knowing all of them can give the best of our workflow, and to save time, maybe even money...
Knowing more, of course, does not mean that we are going to be more technical in some area, to know how to make things done, but, we need that knowledge so we can create stuff and use workflow more creatively, thus, work will be a lot faster.

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