Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Lamborghini Gallardo

I'll consider this as an opening for my few-days-ago created blog.
I've spent just few hours working on this, so there's no much details to talk about. It is done in blender 2.53, with a little gimp help...
A week ago i've began using blender 2.53, so.. this is more like testing. A few weeks ago i've started in blender 2.49... and i must say, i was surprised by it's power. Now, blender is my new major software.
I'm almost ten years in 3d... thing, in case if you ask yourself how i learned blender so fast.
I hope you'll enjoy this photos, and maybe in the future i'll share some technics. I'm new in blender, so please, don't be too hard with critics.
btw.. sorry for bad english (i'm learning that too).
In the end, to say something about me.. i'm Igor, from Serbia, artist, (more) industrial and (less) graphic designer, musician (guitarist)... and i do other.. stuff...

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