Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Blender 2.5 - Cycles - Black dots

Ok, here's the thing, i tried in many ways to see why and when those dots appearing. So i made a few scenes similar to the parts of Alex's scene, and, you can say that lighting is causing the problem, but i guess material too should be controled, as well objects intersetcions.

a) Image with dots (100 passes)

b) comparing with material differences

Now, if object (light), is intersecting with another object (with velvet material, as it is in my case), result will be like in an image above, dots start to apearing. If you try to change materials or recalculate normals...nope, same thing happening. So i drag those light's a little higher, to make some distance between lights and regular objects, and render it again, dots disappeared.

c) comparing

d) no dots (100 passes)

So, i think this might be solution, if it's not, please send me a comment, and we'll try again.


  1. hey Andraion, glad to see that you managed it but still i don;t understand what to do for my scene to work.
    i have a chandelier, how am i supposed to move the lights up when the bulbs need to stay on thechadelier's branches.
    how did you do it more precisely , cuz from the pictures i don;t understand much.

  2. here i this thread i have posted the lastest pictures

    after 16622 passes this is what i got :|

  3. i know for certain that is not about the chandelier look for yourself here

    there must be something else, but what that would be? :|

  4. continued ->

  5. thank you very much Andarion, but still is not it the problem :|