Thursday, 2 June 2011

Blender 2.5 - Cycles - Citroen DS

After speed modeling comes quick render. And still experimentations with Cycles. Whole work was one day job, so it isn't perfect,  but results i really like.


  1. could you please show screen shot with the settings to Cycles?

    i have an interior scene where i get a lot of blue dots after 7000 passes. They seem to not dissapear at all , the rest of the image is noiseless but for those awful few blue spots that ruines everything.

    do you have any idea why that happens ?

  2. Hi Alex! Of course, i added some images.

    I haven't been in similar situation, but i think it might be lighting. In almost every case the default settings worked for me. Can you send me your file, i could check the file on my computer, an see how it's going to react.

    I won't be home a day or two, i'll check it out when I come back.

  3. thanks Andarion, for sharing the images. it's exactly what i was suspecting - No Caustics checked :|
    to me it seems that no matter what my settings are if i uncheck NO CAUSTICS i always get annoying fireflies.
    Do you always keep NO Caustics unchecked ?

  4. Hey Andarion,do you have any idea why black dots keeps appearing after some render passes?
    here you can see that the images is rendered fine, but there some annoying black spots that won't disappear.
    any suggestion, please?

  5. here you can see the settings of render:

    note that the lights have more that 100 power.

  6. I think i know why those dots appearing, i put a new post, i had to because of the preview images, i hope it's going to help...

  7. ...and caustics, you can check it in a cases when scene contain glass, i think render will be fester, it just mean that caustics will not be proceeded in render, or something like that

  8. Wow this super car i like so much Citroen