Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Blender 2.6 - Cycles - Grass video tutorial

(Old, but still useful)
Hi! Well, finally i got the chance to upload grass tutorial. I apologize for delay, but now you can take a look. The sound and my english aren't perfect, even i tried to make decent quality, but i think it's accpetable enough. 
It is a bit longer than i expected, but i've tried to go slower just to make sure it is understandable. Now, i personaly prefer this way of creating grass, and one of the reasons for that, is pleasure that i can see the grass as it is in final render. 
The other thing about the video, quality is a bit lower after i've upload it on youtube, and it's not that bad, but when i get the chance l'll replace it with the HD version.
So, enjoy! :)

Here is the .blend file if you need it as a guide or comparison:


a) straw sample

b) grass sample

c) ground

d) applying grass as particles to the gournd

e) grass viewport preview

f) closer preview

g) test render

h) fullscreen test render 


  1. Hi, the blend file is down. Can you repost. Thanks.

  2. Hello I'm albion. Can i use the textre for grass for my works? Can upload this guy for my tutorials Thank from now! You are the Best :D

    1. Hi Albion! If i understood well.. yes, texture from file is free to use.
      And thank you! :)

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