Sunday, 28 October 2012

About "Project Loading"

"Project loading" is a part of the larger project, and it is a group of a few dudes, and those dudes, are, four dudes, who are members of the band "Loading", and fifth dude, who's job is the whole visual thing, me. I think i said it right...

The main focus of the project is the band "Loading", open source software Blender3D, as well testing it to the high level production, and much more. It is, as well, a part of the years of research that has being focused on medias, social medias, trough the market and backgournd of media product. Project is divided into several segments and it might last through the years from now. 

First part of the "Project Loading" is the work on the music video, the single "Odmor" (Rest), it is one of the singles of the upcoming album from the band Loading, and we have our rough assumption that three-four months should be enough to finish the whole thing, we'll see. As this first part is planned mostly to be "testing ground", probably, quality of the visuals may not be as good as i want it to be, and because of the time limit, consequently, i'll have to work a bit faster. The whole first part is going to be done trough animation. It was my own wish, as i have my interst to work on a specific field that Blrnder3D software does not covering, or it does but there's a part still not developed, but it has it's workarounds, and it is related to the post production. 

Second part is extended version of the single "Odmor". The second part is intended for the whole thing to be re-done, and that means that band has their own will to re-done their song, and for the visuals, it means that is going to be re-done with preeeeetty much upgraded hardware configuration. 

Further plan is to include green screen as well. First idea was to include green sreen in the second part, but considering circumstances and how much time would need to re-done everything in that way, we had to live it as it is, to be animated. After that, green sreen comes in, and waaay much diferent aproach to the whole production. And, that is all i'm gonig to say about what comes than, i'm gonna be quiet for the time being. In time to come, intention is to include developing, it is one of the major elements within "Project Loading", after couple of projects are being done, and i can't say that it is going to happen in near future, but for now that part still remains non-public.

Now not so bright part, the whole thing was planned to begin about year maybe two years ago. As i was constantly under specific circumstances and pressure that is being related to my family, which kinda become intense, i needed to be with family (people from closed circles are mostly familiar with this), and i've cuted of, declined, denyed, rejected maaany project as this one is. People who are familiar with what i had mentioned i while ago, projects still exist, but non of them are finished yet. Now, priorities has been changed, and that is one of the reasons i had to work on this animation. I'll talk more aobut projects in time, but now i am overloaded with things i had to work on.
As my position troughout this project is going to be cleared out, many of the started projects, ideas, and intentions that are related to the Blender communtity and Blender foundation's software, yet, some being putted on hold, should see the light, i believe trough the next couople of years from now.

Now the fun part, the first part of the project is separated, as well, into several segments, there will be a lot of material published before it's being done, containg a lot of behind the scene workflow, which is going to be interesting, i think, mostly for the Blender community. 

So these are just couple of words for the, call it.. opening. It's gonna be less talking, i hope, and more visual stuff to have fun with.
Infos and updates coming up trough upcoming days, weeks, months.

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