Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Freecad tutorial - Product design #007 - Hammer (modeling_ demo.)

This is a hammer concept. Model is experimental, and not finished.

It might be confusing with the order of steps i've used. Reason is, it is required to think few or many steps ahead. Some steps i've used intentionally, as i must test, or use specific approach, so i could achieve required shape.

For some steps, within video, specific tools already exist, but, after couple attempts i decided to do those steps manualy, so to speak.

Hammer is common product on the market. Thus, we are all familiar we this tool, but we are not always familiar with the features of the product, to which we don't really pay attention, not ,in general, realted to the hammer.
Maybe in future tutorials i'll actually model a hammer with features we must be familiar with, if we're going to model a real hammer.

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