Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Blender 2.5 - Cycles - Infinite plane

| A newer verison of this tutorial for Blender 2.63 you can take a look at here |

Quite easy to achieve. Just a combination of two nodes, where the second one is always 'Transparent BSDF'. I needed something like this for my industrial purposes, and this is what i came up with... easier couldn't be :)

node setup

-First thing you need is 'mix closure' node,
-Second, connect 'fresnel' node with 'fac' within 'mix closure node', you can setup value as you like (more or less visible primary material), 
-than, add primary material and connect it to 'closure1',
-add 'transparent BSDF' and connect it to 'closure2',
and that's it. :)

It looks something like image below.


  1. Hi Djordjevic. Thanks for sharing.
    I wanted to try this, but I can't locate the "Mix Closure" surface type. I'm using Blender 2.6.1, r42615. Could it be it changed its name to "Mix Shader"?
    Thanks in advance Djordjevic :)


  2. Mmmm... I guess Blender has changed quite a bit since you made this tutorial. I can't find "Fresnel" either :(


  3. Nevermind! Got Fresnel (Add/Input/Fresnel) ;)


  4. Hi Igor
    Great tip!

    Can you update this tutorial for Blender 2.63a node system?
    What light are you use here?

  5. There is a little difference, thanks for noticing! I'll take a look on it today.
    For this exemple, i think there wasn't any lights in the scene, exept environment lightning.
    I might put an info here after corrections.

  6. Thank you, Igor!
    I'll be waiting for updates :)

  7. It's a tricky thing to get that effect within materials nodes, which is what i want, but there is workaround, and it's kinda old school thing to achieve vanishing point, luckily works pretty good. Stay tuned :) , it's gonna take me some time just to write an order and post it in here.
    I think i have to record video tutorial, it's kinda better to have that too.

  8. OK!
    I'll be waiting for tut!