Thursday, 5 October 2017

Freecad tutorial - part 01_10 - Getting started | Draft Move tool (quick overview))

  This tutorial certainly doesn't cover all there is, that is related to the Draft Move tool, but, covers basic usage in general. In the following tutorials i'll try to go through other related tools and features, which may explain more clearly how does this tool works. Anyone, of course, can take some time and experiment with the tool, which can be quite efficient in learning.

  To get complete sense of this tool, it's good advice to get familiar with the Draft workbench. As soon we get familiar with the environment, sooner we're going to learn other tools, as well, predict certain procedures and steps, thus, the end result, or possible errors to occur.

  Another thing to mention is workflow. While we are at working process, it's very useful to know shortcuts. This technic can give us very fast workflow, once we get used to it.

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