Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Freecad tutorial - Product design #004 - Door|Gate Latch (modeling _demo. + animation)

This is another product which, pretty much, is  common, or known on the market. Gate, or door latch, exist in so many versions, or designs, you can't count them, function is the same, but mechanism, too, can vary from model to model.
I have already prepared many products, and modeling workflow, for uploading. Some of them will be covered with guides, some are without, but it will be useful to many. Many tutorials helped me just by looking at the process of making it...

For situations, which are too complicated to understand by watching only, i'll upload them separetly, with guides. 
Even within the simplest designs, like this one is (more-less), in designing or modeling process, problems are normal. We can solve them, by using tools available. And there are milion ways we can use them. We just seek for the cleanest solutions. Solving those problems, requires practice. Our approach is done by our logic, and, for that we must be familiar with the tools we are using...

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